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100% Quality Guarantee

We make sure that every step of the process of turning your precious photos into personalized pop art canvas Masterpieces is handled with the utmost care and consideration. Our pop art canvas Masterpieces will not fade from exposure to the elements and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Just take a look at how we go out of the way to make your experience with us a memorable one.

Our Staff

PopArtPal team has 17 staff located around the world, made up of talented pop art artists, artwork printing experts, and art framing craftsmen.

All of our staff are also trained to be excellent customer service representatives and will be able to assist you in the entire ordering process.

We take tremendous pride in producing your personalized pop art canvas Masterpiece and aim to give you only top notch service. Read all about us here. Feel free to contacts us anytime!


Our Artwork

Our talented pop art artists will work on your individual photos by hand, using high end digital equipment in the style (warhol pop art, lichtenstein pop art ...etc) that you desire. We do not use artificial or pre-made software filters to render your personalized pop art canvas as we believe that discerning buyers like yourself only deserve a world class custom product. Our artists will also be able to help you with sizing and colour combinations to bring out the best in your pop art portraits.

We are constantly also hearing what you have to say and will showcase new styles and effects on a regular basis, to keep you wanting to come back for more. Go ahead, feel free to drop us a line to give us your suggestions!



Our Canvas

The 100% cotton canvas that we use to render your work is the same type of canvas used by professional artists and world class art galleries. It is also naturally bright white in colour to accentuate the best hues and form of the subject.  Our pop art canavs is also acid-free meaning that the ink printed on it will not degenerate over time and will in fact last a lifetime.


Our Prints

After you have finalized your artwork we will process your personalized pop art canvas in our digital printing facility. Each artwork is checked once again to ensure that it is colour balanced and sized correctly to ensure the best photos to pop art reproduction as possible.

Only high quality inks are used in our printing machines to bring out the best colours, shades and contrasts. Unlike lower quality ink found in the market, our inks will not fade over the passage of time due to their inherant archival quality

After the ink has set onto the canvas, as an extra we apply a coat of premium laminate over your entire pop art canvas. This lamination protects the personalized pop art canvas Masterpiece from dust, water, sunlight, fungus, scratches and finger prints.

The laminate together with the high quality ink ensure that your pop art canvas Masterpiece looks exactly the same as the day you received it from us, for the next 75 years at least. Yes, that’s right a lifetime essentially!


OurFraming & Stretchi

Our hand crafted wooden frames are made with high quality wood that does not chip or break down over time. Our craftsmen ensure that the best sections of the wood go into your personalized pop art canvas Masterpiece before actually assembling the wooden frame. Your canvas Masterpiece is then stretched over this wooden frame and carefully secured in place.

Great efforts are also made to ensure that the wood maintains a uniform profile all around so that it will sit flatly on your wall without any framing lines or gaps when looked at from different angles.

We then attach professional art frame hooks and plastic coated, stainless steel wire to the back of the frame to allow you to hang your personalized pop art canvas Masterpiece straight from the box. Click here for our price list.


International Shipping

We use a reputable network of couriers globally to ensure that your pop art canvas Masterpiece is handled with the extra care it requires during the delivery process. Rest assured that it will remain in good hands from our production facility all the way to your doorstep. Learn what our previous customers had to say here.


And Finally…..

Your personalized pop art Masterpiece is finally ready to be displayed on your wall!  It will showcase something very personal while highlighting your sophisticated fun streak at the same time. Most importantly it will be a sight to behold, bringing asthetic pleasure that will last a lifetime.



Your personalized pop art canvas Masterpiece will become a conversation topic for everyone stepping into your home and in some cases may steal the limelight away from you and the rest of your home. Also see our one-of-a-kind Magnum Opus collection on this page ;)

Find out how it works here or learn more about the Pop Art Movement at our blog

View our Masterpiece Gallery for inspiration and start ordering right away!

Still have more questions? Then check out our FAQ section.


Do what you do so well that they will
want to see it again and bring their friends.

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