1) How do I order? How long will it take?

At PopArtPal, we have simplified the ordering process to just a few simple steps.

- Go to the Buy NOW! page
- Choose a style, size, any other colour preferences you might have and upload your photo to us, together with the nominal deposit amount for your country. See our Masterpiece Gallery for some inspiration or learn more about what pop art is here.
- We will send your personalized pop art canvas print proofs within 3 - 5 working days for your approval. At this stage we will also be able to make any other final changes you might require on your pop art canvas.
- Next we will invoice you for the remaining amount of the order price and additional shipping charges if you are an international buyer (not residing in Singapore or Hong Kong). Price list here.
- Your personalized pop art canvas Masterpiece will now be sent for production and will take about 3 days to be completed.
- Delivery in Hong Kong or Singapore will take about 2-3 working days. International orders should take another 7-14 days to reach your doorstep. Read about "How It Works?" here.

2) How do I pay PopArtPal?

We found PayPal to be the most secure means to conduct online transactions. It is a globally recognised secure online payment system which enables buyers to send and receive money online.

Paypal has over 64 million member accounts in 45 countries. Paypal helps protect your credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use Paypal, your financial information is never shared with the merchant.

All your payment details are processed by a secure server and this information is sent by 128 bit encryption meaning it is impossible to break the code and steal your details.

If you reside in Singapore you can also pay us via Internet banking into our company bank account. Full details will be provided when we invoice you.

3) Can I send just about any kind of photo to get the PopArtPal treatment?

Our pop art artists will be able to work with just about any kind of photograph. However generally high resolution, well focused and well lit images will result in better photo to pop art canvas renditions.

Our artists will also let you know if for some particular reason your photo is not of the right quality or if it does not go well with a particular pop art style.

We also reserve the right to refuse any work which we deem to be indecent, offensive or discrimatory in anyway.

4) Can i request for other canvas sizes?

Yes you can. The canvas sizes we mention on the Buy NOW! page are the more commonly requested sizes. However we will be able to give you a custom quote for other canvas sizes if you so require it.  

5) Can I choose the colours I want?

Indeed you can! On the Buy NOW! page, under the comments section you can indicate the colours that you would like to see and our artists will take that into account during the photos to pop art canvas rendering process.

If you send us a photograph of your home interior or the area where your personalized pop art canvas Masterpiece will eventually reside, we will be able to advise you on what colours will work best as well.

If you do not have any colour preferences, our pop art artists will choose the colors that we think will match the photograph you sent us the best.

6) Can I order a PopArtPal Masterpiece for someone else as a gift?

Yes you can. PopArtPal personalized pop art canvas Masterpieces make great gifts for your collegues, boss, friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, lover or just about anyone really. Our artists will work with you on the original photographs before sending to print on canvas.  

Just let us know the shipping details of the receiver and we will have the pop art canvas Masterpiece delivered to their doorstep.  

7) Can I add a personalized message or autograph on the canvas?

Yes you can. "Love, Tommy and family"..."For the best boyfriend in the world!"..."Best Friends For Life!" etc  Just let us know what else you would like to appear on your personalized pop art canvas Masterpiece and we will make it so!

8) What is your cancellation policy?

Customers who cancel their order before the canvas production process has began will not be charged any further.

9) How much is delivery?

The exact delivery charges for Singapore and Hong Kong will depend on the courier company we use. We usually use the most reasonably priced option. Shipping rates for international deliveries are typically in the US$20-50 range depending on exactly where you are located and the size of your canvas Masterpiece. More on international shipping here.

10) How will my Masterpiece be packaged?

Your pop art canvas Masterpiece will be packed carefully with several layers of bubble wrap and placed in a sturdy heavy duty box to prevent any sort of damage during the transit process. We will also attach several “Handle With Care” labels on your package so that it is treated as a fragile object throughout the shipment process. Learn more about our 100% Quality Guarantee.

11) How do i care for my Masterpiece? How durable will it be?

Though our prints are designed to last long, exercising some care will ensure that your personalized pop art canvas Masterpiece lasts even longer. Avoid contact with continuous, strong sunlight or moisture. Do not use detergents or a damp cloth to wipe the pop art canvas. Just using a dry varnish brush to remove dust is about all the care your pop art canvas Masterpiece requires.

Our high quality ink, canvas and special laminate ensure that your Masterpiece will last you a lifetime! Read what recent customers are saying here.   

12) What’s your privacy policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and  will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent. We will also not pass on your details to other entities or marketing agencies.
If you still have any questions or comments about privacy, please contact us.

Do see our Magnum Opus auction collection now if you would prefer a ready-made piece. More of your questions are also answered in the FAQ section.

Click here to go to Sensational Sensations! - The Definitive Guide To The Pop Art Movement

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