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Converting your favourite photos to personalized pop art
Masterpieces could never have been easier!

At PopArtPal know your photos hold cherished memories. As
such our pop art artists put in great effort to work on your
individual photos by hand. We feel that every personalized
pop art canvas piece
coming out of our humble office
deserves to be called a Masterpiece in its own right.
out our Magnum Opus auction gallery as well if you fancy
a unique one-of-a-kind collector's item.

If you did not get a chance to read our section on
100% Quality gaurantee”, you’ll know that our
pop art canvas prints will last a lifetime!
Step 1: Make a nominal deposit

Follow the “Buy NOW!” link to place your nominal deposit.
We do not need you to pay the full price of the personalized
pop art canvas
upfront unlike many custom art shops out
there. This sum will let us know that you are a serious buyer
and not a playful child or an advanced internet virus of some

The nominal deposit fee will be fully refundable upon the
purchase price of your final pop art canvas Masterpiece,
meaning we will deduct the nominal deposit amount from
the full price payable on the canvas size that you ordered.
Click here
for the full price lis.

*In the event that you decide not to proceed with your
or if you do not respond to us within a reasonable amount
of time after your artwork has been sent to you, your nominal
deposit will be used to defray our artists costs and will not
be refundable. Hope you understand this policy since our
team takes several hours to come up with each of your
customized artwork. But rest assured we will work on it
till you are satisfied!

Step 2 : Choose a style & size

Take a look at all the pieces in our Masterpiece Gallery.
You need to decide on just two things.

Style- Tell us which style you would like your photo to be done
in. You can preview the various styles of our artists when you
choose to view our gallery “By Style”.

We currently have 7 pop art styles we can use to personalise your pop art canvas prints.

1) Warhol pop art style - Inspired by the works of Andy Warhol, this style makes use of vibrant coloured backgrounds and colour accented facial features. The 4-frame Warhol style pop art portrait is an all time favourite.

2) Lichtenstein pop art style - Inspired by the works of Roy Lichtenstein, this pop art style gives your photo the "comic book" effect. So text and sound effect balloons and polka dotted images are common in this style.

3) Line art pop art style - In this style our pop art artists attempt to "simplify" your image, so that only key aspects are captured. Backgrounds tend to be plain coloured to bring the focus onto the subject.

4) Retro pop art style - Like the line art style, your image is "simplified" here as well. However for this style more pyschedelic colours, backgrounds and patterns tend to be used to give your personalised pop art more "oomph".

5) Watercolor pop art style - Here your pop art portraits are made to look like they have been re-painted with a watercolour brush. This gives your personalised canvas a more realistic 3-dimensional look and and adds artistic flair to well taken photographs!

6) Manga pop art style - Inspired by
Japanese anime, this style makes your photo look like it came straight out of a Japanese comic book. Expect to see funky hair colours, doll-like eyes and cheerful comic imagery all around. 

7) Photo pop art style - This is the newest pop art style that we are offering to users. We can help you manipulate your photos (so you look thinner, more muscular etc), create artistic photo collages, give an artistic finishing to your photo (eg make it look like an on oil painitng, charcoal sketch or a colour enhanced version). Just let us know what you have in mind and we will tell you if we can do it!      
Also click here to read our blog - Sensational Sensations! for more inspiration.

- Decide on how big a canvas frame you want your personalized pop art canvas print to be on. Our fantabulous mix & match on-line flip book on our Gallery Page will give you a rough idea of how big your PopArtPal personalized pop art canvas will look in relation to other things in your home.

Some clients also like to tell us what colors they like, which we will then use in the artwork.
You can fill in all these details as well as upload your original photo in the BUY NOW! page. As always feel free to contact us directly as well.

Step 3:  View & approve your sample artwork

Our artists will send you the personalised sample artwork within 3 days of you sending your photos and instructions. After you have seen the sample artwork and given your approval we will send the image to our world class production house.  It will then be printed onto our high quality canvas, using world class ink and finally hand stretched over a quality wooden frame. 

If you are not completely happy with the proofs we will gladly make the changes you would like before sending them in for production.

*In the unlikely event that your canvas fades over time (within the next 75 years) just contact us for a 1-for-1 exchange for a new canvas Masterpiece with the same artwork.

**We will also make a 1-to-1 exchange in the event that the colours on your Pop Art Canvas do not match what you had approved in the final artwork. In this instance we will be required to collect your old piece back when we deliver you the new replacement piece at no extra costs. The replacement piece will then be sent for destruction at our facility. 

*All our PopArtPal Canvas Masterpieces will come authentified with our insignia in very small print on the left and right hand edges of the canvas piece. If you do not wish for our insignia to appear on your Canvas Masterpiece, an additional S$15 charge will apply.

Step 4: Receive your ready-to-hang PopArtPal Masterpiece at home

We will deliver your personalized pop art canvas piece direct to your doorstep within 2-3 days if you reside in Singapore or Hong Kong.  This may take slightly longer if you are an international customer.

Once you receive your pop art canvas Masterpiece, you can remove the wrap protection covering and directly hang it on a hook or a nail on your wall.

Yes that’s right, our frames come equipped with professional grade hooks and plastic coated, stainless steel wire to allow you to hang your Masterpiece immediately.

Step 5: Enjoy your customized PopArtPal Masterpiece!
Click here to view our Masterpiece Gallery and start immediately!
Also do browse our FAQ section if you still have questions and click here to read what our recent customers are saying.

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